Motto: Lead me from darkness to light.

    Vision: Pursuit of Human Excellence.

  Mission: To prepare competent and  committed teachers who transform society  and make the world a better place to live  in.

1. To develop among student-teachers the essential competencies of a teacher in order to develop an attitude towards becoming a committed and performance oriented teacher.
2. To enable the student-teachers to understand the philosophical and sociological foundation of teacher educatioin.
3. To equip the student-teachers through strong psychological foundation and with essential knowledge, skills and attitude so as to develop them as responsible teachers of the modern world.
4. To promote social cohension, improve communication and IT skills, widen vision of student teachers enabling them to adopt themselves in the situations they stand for in their lives.
5. To create awareness about values, core elements, duties and responsibilities of a teacher and foster human rights, and the dignity of individuals with a special emphasis on gender equality.
6. To guide for obeservance of the principles of Arya Samaj and inculate a sense of appreciation about contribution of great personalities with special reference to Swami Dayanand Saraswati.