Staff Profile
Teaching Faculty
Dr. S. B. Kshirsagar
M.Sc., M.Ed., NET, Ph.D., D.I.T.
Career Objective- Developing Competence, Commitment & Professional Excellence in myself & also in my institution for attaining human excellence and for the welfare of the mankind.
Experience- 21 years.
(Lecturer 16 years including 2 years Research Fellowship as a Teacher Research Fellow, Reader 01 year, Principal 04 years.)
Subjects- 1) Educational Statistics
2) Mathematics Method
3) Research Methodology
4) ICT
Research Students- M.Ed.-20
Special Achivements-
1) First rank in Vidya Pratishtan's College of Education, Baramati in B. Ed. Course (1990-1991).
2) Second rank in M. Ed. examination of Pune University  (1991-1993).
3) First rank with 'O' grade in 57th Orientation Course organised at acadamic staff of Pune University (During 31-03-1998 to 27-04-1998).
4) Passed UGC CSIR joint NET examination in Statistics (1988) and also qualified for JRF.
5) Passed CDAC's Diploma in Information Technology (DIT) with first rank among all teachers/staff of Vidya Pratishtan & won first award of it.
6) Intel-Master Trainer.
7) Award by Principal VPCOE for preparation of Computer Aided Instruction Material (2002-03).
8) Participated in Avishkar Research Contest at District level, University level and also at State level during 2006-07.  Awards under FLS category at Pune University level-second prize. Avishkar Project selected at inter-university level among first 4 projects under FLS category 2006-07.
9) Refresher Course at ASC Osamania University Hyderabad with 'A' grade (18-01-2007 to 07-02-2007). Refresher Course of University of Pune with 'A' grade and 2nd rank (01-03-2004 to 20-03-2004).
10) Special award by Anantpal Nutan Vidyalaya Shikshan Samiti, Shirur Anantpal on 24-04-2010 for Character, Leadership and Contribution in Education.
11) Excellent Teacher Award-M. Ed. (First Rank) by Vidya Pratishtan College of Education, Baramati 2008-09.
12) "Manav-Mitra" State level award by Kavyamitra, Pune (30-12-2012).
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
1) M. Ed. approval of Govt. of Maharashtra & Affiliation of Solapur University for the course for 3 years.
2) Ph. D. Research Centre Recognition at D. P. B. DCE.
3) Infrastructure development, Development of Computer Lab., Language Lab. & Networking including Wi-Fi.
4) Oraganisation of Job Fare & Campus Interviews.
5) Special lectures and Trainin Sessions on Personality Development, Leadership Development, Interview Preparation, Nurturing Creativity, etc.
6) Ladies hostel responsibility-maintenance & development including new ladies hostel.
7) Computer training to students & teachers. Guidance to teachers for improving english.
8) Oraganisation of programmes/workshops/sessions for preparation of colleges for assessment & accreditation by NAAC.
9) Guidance to other colleges for development, administration & sustenance.
10) Boosting confidence of students & teachers imbibing among them sincerity and regularity; motivating them to excel. Assistance & guidance for intigrating technology for teaching, learning, evaluation and in day-to-day life.
11)  University level contribution in various committees including LICs, staff selection, inspection etc.
Organisation of State level conference on Human Rights & Education at D. P. B. Dayanand College of Education, Solapur 2011-12 & National level conferences at Vidya Pratishthan College of Education, Baramati.
Email Address-;"> Email
Phone No.-0217-2373237
Mobile No- 9271208799, 9766899327

Prof. Kamble M. G. (Ex. Staff Member)
Associate Prof./Librarian
M.A.(English), M.Lib. & I.Sc., NET, M.Phil.

Retired on superannuation after completing 60 years on 31-5-14.
Career Objective- To achieve "Distinctive Success" and stand as a "Role Model of Librarianship".
Experience-30 years.
Subjects-1)Lib. & Inf. Sc.
2)Information Technology
3)Population Education, Guidance & Counselling.
4)Research Methodology
Research Students- M.Ed.-5
Special Achivements-
1)Digital database development work of library completed using SOUL software.
2)Ph.D. thesis submitted, result expected very soon.

Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
1)Co-ordinator for conduction of B.Lib. & M.Lib. courses for last 20 years.
2)Extended guidance for NET/SET exam; 21 students passed under my guidance.

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Phone No.-
Mobile No- 9850077268

Dr. Ghadage A. S. (Ex. Staff Member)
Associcate Professor
M.A. M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Retired on superannuation after completing 62 years on 30-11-13.
Career Objective- To enhance the quality of Teacher Education.
Experience- 25 years
Subjects-1)History Methodology.
Research Students- M.Ed.- 5, D.S.M.- 5.
Special Achivements-
1)Chairman. BOS Education faculty, Solapur University.
2)Guidenship for Ph.D.
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
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Phone No.-
Mobile No-9881025672, 8421055088

Dr. Bamane V. K. (Ex. Staff Member)
Associcate Professor
M.A. M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., NET.
Career Objective-"To Promote Research Excellence in Student Teacher."
Experience- 23 years
Subjects-1)English Methodology,
2)Education in Emerging Indian Sociaty; Population,
3)Research Methodology.
Research Students- M.Ed.- 40, D.S.M.- 55, M.Phil.- 7, Ph.D.- 4
Special Achivements-
1)"Best Teacher Award" of M.S.S.T.E.A.
2) Books-i) "Aashayyukt Adhyapan Padhati".
ii)"Bhartiya Shikshanache Samajshastriya Adhishthan".
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)- Ex.Dean. Faculty of Education; BOS. Solapur University.
Phone No.-0217-2726194
Mobile No-9421071229

Dr. Smt. Bhoje P. R.
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Career Objective- To enpower human strength.
Experience- 19 years
Subjects-1)Science Methodology.
Research Students- M.Ed.- 9, D.S.M.- 45.
Special Achivements-
1)Awards for "Best Research Papers".
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
1)Chairman of Antisexual Harrashment Committee.
2)Head of Alumni Association.
3)Co-ordinator of M.Ed Course
4)Head of Avishkar Research Mahostav.
Phone No.-0217-2325036
Mobile No-8605148104

Dr. Smt. Pathan B. B. (Ex. Staff Member)
Assistant Professor
M.A. M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Career Objective- To inculcate values among students.
Experience- 20 years
Subjects-1)Hindi Methodology.
Research Students- M.Ed.- 10, D.S.M.- 50, Ph.D.-8.
Special Achivements-
1)Published four books related to B.Ed. curriculum.
2)"Ideal Teacher"-Dayanand Education Sanstha(2012).
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
1)Inspired to students for Gandhism & Philosophical thoughts of Swami Vivekananad.
2)Co-ordinator "Mahila Jagar Janiv"(26 Dec 2012-13 Jan 2013).
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Phone No.-
Mobile No-9860558644

Dr. Smt. Bamane L. V.
Assistant Professor
M.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., SET.
Career Objective- "To Develop Creativity in Student Teacher."
Experience- 24 years
Subjects-1)Marathi Methodology
2)Educational Psychology
3)Teacher Education
4)Environmental Education
Research Students- M.Ed.- 8.
Special Achivements-
1)"Aashyayukta Adhapan Padhati"- a book was published & "Marathi Adhapan padhati"- Going to published very soon.
2)"Best Teacher Award"-Dayanand Institution's.
3)"Best Research Paper Presentation" in M.E.S.S.T.A.
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
1)Minor research project near to completion.
Phone No.-0217-2726194
Mobile No-9860201199

Dr. Kidgaonkar V. B.
Assistant Professor
M.A., M.Ed., D.S.M., Ph.D., SET.
Career Objective- "To Develop Personality of Student Teacher."
Experience- 27 years
Subjects-1)Geography Methodology.
2)Development of Educational System in India & Secondary Edu. Methodology of Edu. Research.
Research Students- M.Ed.- 11, D.S.M.-52 .
Special Achivements-
1)Worked as resource person.
2)Ph.D. examiner of S.G.B. University, Amravati.
3)"L. N. Chhapekar Award" of "Best Student" in S.M.T.T Govt College of Education.
4)Dr. J. P. Naik Award, Kolhapur.
5)"Best Teacher Award-(2010)" of M.S.S.T.E.A. Nanded.
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
1)Minor research project.
2)Convenor of uty level seminar on guidance & counselling.
Phone No.-
Mobile No-9850330788

Dr. Shinde K. J.
Assistant Professor
M.Sc(Maths)., M.Ed., SET, Ph.D.
Career Objective-
Experience- 20 years
Subjects-1)Maths Methodology.
Research Students- M.Ed.- 8, D.S.M.- 60.
Special Achivements-
1)Participated and Worked as Resourse Person in Rashtriya Madhyamik Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
2)Editor of a book "Anandyatri".
3)"Best Teacher Award"-Jay Bhavani Ed. Society.
4) Dr. H. N. Jagtap "Best Teacher Award".
5)"Best Article Award"- By MSSTEA.
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
1)Co-ordinator of YCMOU B.Ed Course Since 2009.
2)Co-ordinator of University Level Workshop on Mental Health & Tr. Education.
Phone No.-
Mobile No-9822483046

Prof. Suryawanshi S. K.
Assistant Professor
M.A., M.Ed., SET.
Career Objective-
Experience- 3 years
1)Philosophical and Foundation Sociological of Education
Research Students- M.Ed.- , D.S.M.- .
Special Achivements-
1)"Best Research Paper Award"-2011 by M.E.S.T.A.
2)"Best Research Paper Award"-2012 by M.E.S.T.A.
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
Phone No.-
Mobile No-9175289279

Mrs. Chincholkar P. R. (Ex. Staff Member)
Assistant Professor
M.Sc., M.Ed., NET, SET.
Career Objective- "To Make Life More Healthy, Happy and purposeful through Research & Extension Activities."
Experience- 6 years
Subjects-1)Research Methodology.
Research Students- M.Ed.-35, D.S.M.- .
Special Achivements-
1)Stood seventh in university merit list for both B.Ed & M.Ed.
2)"Best Research Paper Award"-for two papers.
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
Phone No.-
Mobile No-9421044094

Mr. Gaikwad Ganesh Madhukar
Assistant Professor
MA, M.Ed., SET
Career Objective- "To become a good teacher."
Experience- 6 Year Regular Teacher and 6 year CHB Teacher.
Subjects-1) History Method.
Special Achivements-
1) Working Actively as Co-Coordinator of National Level Seminar on Education for Human Rights on 4 th to 6 th March 2010.
2) Working as NAAC coordinator.
Additional/Special Contribution for College (apart from regular college teaching)-
1) Working for YCMOU B Ed Programme.
2) Working for DSM Porgramme.
Phone No.-
Mobile No-9404316024

Non-Teaching Faculty
Mr. Chhatraband S. M. (Ex. Non- Teaching Staff Member)
Head Clerk
I.T.I., C.T.C. (Craft Teacher Course)
Experience- 34 years
Special Achivements-
1)Stood First in Solapur District in C.T.C.(Craft Teacher Course) with 79.50%.
2)"Aadarsh Karmchari Award"-Dayanand Institution (2011).
Phone No.- 0217-2326902
Mobile No-9822615473