B.Ed. (Bachlor of Education)
(Affiliated to Solapur University, Solapur)

1)The B.Ed. Course is of one year.
2)This course is of 1400 Marks.
3)The examination for the degree of B.Ed. will be conducted only twice in one academic year.
4)The Curriculum of Bachelor of Education :-
 The examination for the Bachelor of Education.
 I. Theory Course (700 Marks) II. Practicum Course (600 Marks) III. Viva Voce ( 100 Marks )

Basic Subjects :

Education in Emerging Indian Society

Semester I : Philosophical Foundation of Education
Semester II : Sociological Foundation of Education

Development of Learner and Teaching Learning process

Semester I : Development of learner
Semester II : Psychology of learning & Teaching

Development of Educational system in India and Secondary Education

Semester I : Development of Educational
Semester II : Secondary Education

Essentials of Educational Technology and Educational Management

Semester I : Essentials of Educational Technology
Semester II : Educational Management

Information Technology & an elective

Semester I : Information Technology
Semester II : Electives

Methodology of Teaching School subjects : (Languages, Maths and Commerce) Semester I and II

Methodology of Teaching School subjects : (Social Sciences and Science) Semester I and II :

Practical Work :

i.Practice Lessons ii.Social Service iii.Micro Teaching iv.Tutorials v.Physical & Health Education
vi.Practical work related to theory papers vii. Internal Examination
viii.Creativity & personality Development programme ix.SUPW x.Internship of two weeks

B. Ed. Admission Intake Capacity :- 80
Seats Admissions & number of seats will be according to Maharashtra State Government norms.

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